Monday, May 9, 2011

Reciprocity Youth Filmmakers Attend 2011 Emmys

Contributed by Lyssette Horne, youth filmmaker and Emmy nominee

I was excited and nervous to attend the Emmy Awards in New York City. I mean, the best of the film and television industry was going to be there. Being nominated for an Emmy award on our first documentary was surprising and humbling too. It reminded me that we all have so much to be thankful for, and so much more work to do.

Being recognized for this documentary, meant much more than being acknowledged for being a filmmaker. It gave viewers proof that if WE can triumph against homelessness, than ANYONE can.

We told our stories honestly--with the goal of touching people's hearts and minds. And we need to continue to do that until all youth have safe housing, either with or outside their families of origin.

We made this documentary to create change. To bring to light the many issues that so many runaway and throw-away youth face. What so many didn't know was that the grueling film schedule--the early mornings and late nights--were even harder for us to cope with because we didn't have the luxury of safe housing or supportive family members.

But we poured our hearts out in the film to put any shame we felt about our past to rest. So that we could start to live free from those fears and doubts that plague so many of us. We wanted to inspire other homeless youth to want more than to just "get by." do more than just get by. To show the world that we can thrive in the face of adversity.

The Reciprocity Foundation has not only inspired me to change and grow, but to demand better for others who are experiencing hardship. I will always be an activist as long as youth are kicked out of their homes, or are forced out onto the street or are living in crisis. INVISIBLE won't be the last project we work on. There is still so much to be said, and we have so much more hope to share with the world.

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