Monday, May 4, 2009

Formerly Homeless Artist Using Creativity to Empower the Community!

NYC’s popular Jiva Mukti Yoga Center, located in Union Square, is currently featuring the photographic work of Lyssette Horne. The exhibit, “Light in All of Us,” celebrates diversity and the potential to cultivate love, creativity, energy, and acceptance.

“The opportunity to show my work at Jiva Mukti is incredible. So many New Yorkers pass through the studio. My wish is that everyone who sees these photos will be able to take something from them. Hopefully the exhibit will make a meaningful impact and invite viewers to see the world a little differently,” says Horne.

Horne seeks to illuminate the universal experience through her photography. Many of her subjects are, like herself, formerly homeless youth who have gone on to embrace their talents, dreams, and aspirations and thus transform their circumstances. Horne re-imagines these people as Indian deities, inviting the viewer to recognize what she sees as the essential goodness and boundless potential of every human being. She challenges her viewers to extend compassion to all people with whom they interact in their daily lives, especially those so often overlooked by society.

About the Artist:

Lyssette Horne is a formerly homeless youth, artist, poet, photographer, social activist and vegan chef who uses her experiences and creativity to empower people and communities. Her photography and activism have been featured in Yoga Journal, Yoga+ Magazine, and Gay City News. Her story has been featured in “In Your Shoes,” a documentary film that was named an official selection for the 2009 New York Independent Film and Video Festival and the Tribeca Film Festival. Horne is a founder of Border Line Arts Collective, an organization that uses new media to empower gay and lesbian artists. She also serves as a mentor to homeless youth at the Reciprocity Foundation, a program from which she graduated in 2007.
Written by Sarah Autumn Feeley

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