Friday, October 2, 2009

News From The Reciprocity Foundation!

Although it’s been a while since you’ve heard from us, we’ve been extremely active in helping homeless and at-risk youth transform their lives and fulfill their hopes, dreams, and aspirations! Their example conveys a powerful message to others in a similar situation: “If we can achieve, so can you!” We’ve also been placing greater emphasis on our students’ inner transformations, providing coaching from renowned corporate leaders along with transformative counseling sessions. In addition, the timeless wisdom and practicality of yoga and meditation, as tools to deal with life’s complexity, has become a more integral part of our program. As a result, we’re seeing more and more of our students develop a natural inner drive to become agents of positive change themselves!

Over the last few months, Reciprocity Foundation has been featured in KFC’s “Hometown Heroes” campaign featured on BET, which reached millions with our message: it is possible for homeless and at-risk youths to be transformed into creative leaders. We’ve also made the cover of Gay City News, and received the “2009 Award for Excellence in Educational Enhancement” from The New York Life Foundation. We had the honor of being selected, among the hundreds of organizations, to represent the Borough of Manhattan as an example of transformation in the lives of young people, preparing them for the workplace, success in higher education, and responsible citizenship.

We’ve always believed that success is not just about the individual; instead, it needs to be extended to the community. Our students are truly embracing this vision. Our former student, Isis King, an America’s Next Top Model contestant, recently appeared on Larry King Live and the Tyra Banks Show, to educate America about gender justice and re-define cultural concepts of beauty.

Dorian Jay Paat traveled to Africa as an HIV activist. Having lost his mother to AIDS, Dorian used his personal experience to reach out to others. While in Namibia, he appeared on two national TV programs, youth radio programs, and spoke at the U.N.

Additionally, Dorian met with local HIV+ youths, inspiring them to use their struggles to promote positive change.

Lyssette Horne recently had a successful photo exhibit at the trendy
Jiva Muktea Vegan Cafe. She photographed homeless youths of NYC, re-imagining them as Indian deities. This powerful exhibit, “Light in All of Us”, shared the vision that we all have unique and precious gifts that can inspire and transform.

The potential for our students to share their visions of hope is clearly starting to catch fire and the future possibilities are very exciting! Stay tuned!

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